Engagement Rings - Custom/Unique

here are people who take comfort in having a ring just like so-and-so. There are lots of jewelry stores where you can get rings like that.

We like things out of the ordinary and we LOVE to custom make rings that you help us design.
Natural Blue Zircon Engagement Ring
It can be something as simple as using a gemstone that is out of the ordinary like the natural blue zircon in the vintage style ring above. Or we can help you design a completely custom ring like these. 
Custom Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring With Moissanite Center
Custom White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
Peter & Abi wanted to incorporate the symbol for
Infinity into their engagement ring. 
Custom Rose Gold Engagement Ring Incorporating The Infinity Symbol
Katherine LOVES lotus blossoms. Her favorite piece of jewelry (until this ring) was a lotus blossom pendant Sam bought for her. Sam loves Katherine, so he had us feature a lotus blossom in the gallery of the ring.
Custom Engagement Ring With A Lotus Blossom Under The Diamond
We also have a selection of classically styled, hand made rings from our friend Jason and his team in New York City: The American Classics Collection.
American Classics Collection at Chimera Design
Sometimes, seeing one custom ring can inspire you to your own variation. We made this ring for Sandy almost 10 years ago - since then we have probably made six to eight variations of this ring:
Custom Diamond & Ruby Engagement Ring
We also love making engagement rings with
colored gemstones or colored diamonds:
Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring
Above: Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring
Below: Natural Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring
Natural Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring
Here is a very unique wedding ring we made for a couple using their birthstones and a drawing he submitted - we recreated his artwork in the band of the ring. The sketch shows his conception of the top and bottom of the ring. 
Hand Drawn Sketch For Engagement RingFinished Custom Engagement Ring Custom Engagement Ring - Bottom View