Design Jewelry Online

We have teamed up with one of our favorite vendors to provide an easy to use, online jewelry design app: The Chimera Showcase.

  1. Easy to use - click and drag from your phone, laptop, tablet or PC.
  2. FREE to use.
  3. CAD images let you see what you design.
  4. Estimated prices reflected immediately if you change metals or gemstones (for example, from 10kt to 14kt gold, or from cubic zircon to diamonds).
  5. No obligation. No risk. You CANNOT purchase from this app.
  6. All the jewelry from our app is MADE IN THE USA!

Our Chimera Showcase app provides thousands of possibilities for you to design the perfect engagement ring, set of earrings or other special piece of jewelry. You can choose the metal, from sterling silver to platinum, and choose the size, shape, and color of the diamonds and/or gemstones you choose.

Easy to use - if you can click and drag, then you can use this app to design jewelry. (It is so easy, Cliff can use it!!)

Here is a captured image of a ring designed on the Showcase and below it is the actual ring.

CAD image is above and the finished ring is below.


Here is an example of five rings Cliff designed on the Chimera Showcase App in less than 10 minutes. All five of the rings are based on just one ring, but the ring can be modified in rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, or platinum. As you can see, the shape of the center stone can be modified as well as the gems or diamonds. There are thousands of possibilities for you. Look for the Flexible Design.

Different rings from Chimera online jewelry design


The Chimera Showcase App is NOT just for women, either. We have had couples design their rings together and here is a man's gold and onyx ring that was designed using our Showcase:

Online jewelry design is for MEN too.


Julie and I would like to invite you to give our great design app a try. You are under NO obligation to purchase anything you design. If you should happen to complete a design you love and you want a solid estimate on it, then simply click the "Add To Quote" bar and your design will be saved and the Cliff will contact you by email with a guaranteed price estimate. Then if you decide to proceed, your jewelry will be completed in anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  

 Have some fun and design YOUR jewelry at the Chimera Showcase, by clicking on this link: Chimera Design Showcase App. 
Thanks - have fun!