American Classic Collection - Engagement Rings

We are very excited to offer the American Classic Collection to West Michigan. The first reason we wanted to handle them was because Jason, who owns the company, loves to work with GIA Fancy Yellow Diamonds - we LOVE yellow diamonds. Cliff and Jason have known each other for about 10 years now and they enjoy working together.
Here is an example of one of Jason's rings. 
American Classic Collection Engagement Rings at Chimera Design
We are excited about the rings for several reasons. They are made in the US - New York City to be specific. Secondly, they are made by hand. Each one of the accent diamonds is set by hand into the metal. The jeweler scoops out the metal to fit each diamond in place. 
The way many of the rings like this are made uses cast in place technology - which means the little diamonds are actually set in the wax before the ring is cast in gold.
This saves a lot of time, but the offshoot is that the diamonds are held in place with a very, very tiny amount of gold. 
Here is a beautiful example of Jason's work with white diamonds:
Hand made American Classics Engagement Rings
Hand Made Engagement Rings at Chimera Design
The American Classics Collection -
the only place to find them in West Michigan is at Chimera Design in Lowell.
GIA Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings
Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
Hand Made Engagement Rings