Rego Designs at Chimera

We were just provided a link to a beautiful selection of the best sellers from our friends at Rego Designs. We are so excited about it, we are offering 30% off anything you order from the catalog. Scroll through the selections - find something - call Cliff 616-897-9480 and tell him the style# and what color gold you want it in along with a finger size for a ring and he will get you a solid quote. There are no prices in the catalog because of the constantly changing price of gold - mention you saw it here and we will take 30% off the price. Many items are available for you to see and hold before you buy them. We want to make it easy and fun for you to own a beautiful piece of Rego Design jewelry.

Click Here To View The New Catalog

Rego Designs is a family owned jewelry design and manufacturer based in Ohio. We have a link to almost everything they have available right here: Rego Designs  NOTE: Our prices are 15% to 30% less than those shown. They are priced for BIG stores - if you find something you love, let Cliff know and he will get you a firm quote. 

Vintage inspired white & blue diamond ring. The ring pictured above was one of the first pieces that caught our eye when we first sat down with Josh from Rego. WOW! Cliff could not stop thinking about this ring, so we had to have it. 


Here is one our latest additions to our Rego collection. Zircon has almost as much sparkle as diamonds (which is why man-made cubic zirconia is a diamond substitute). This spice zircon is a natural gem and looks perfect in rose gold with diamonds around it.

Spice Zircon Set In A Rose Gold Diamond Halo Ring


Amazing pendant set with blue and white diamonds.

The pendant above is a fire-cracker of sparkle!

Vintage inspired white gold ring.

This ring can be made for you in rose and yellow gold with your choice of a center gems.

Striking Rose & White gold ring with .55 ct center diamond.

What really lit our fire about Rego was the variety of their jewelry. There were many pieces that reflected the tastes and trends in modern jewelry, but this company loves to do the unusual and unexpected (you know, kind of like Chimera Design!!). Here is a great example of something we had Rego build for us - Julie had this andalusite in her Secret Stash for over 10 years. Deana at Rego came up with a rose gold setting and chocolate diamond accents - WOW!

Custom Made Rose Gold Ring With Andalusite & Chocolate Diamonds

If you love jewelry you will NOT see on other people - click on this link to Rego Designs and then click on the "Gems of Distinction" page (look at the upper left) and prepare to have your eyes treated to some beautiful and unusual jewelry. 

White gold diamond and ruby ring 
Here are some more examples of rings from our partners at
Rego Designs in Ohio. 
NOTE: Our prices are 15% to 30% less than those shown. They are priced for BIG stores - if you find something you love, let Cliff know and he will get you a firm quote. 
14kt Rose & White Gold Wedding Set $1540.00
 Both of these wedding sets (above & below) are available in a variety
of gold options - they can be all white, rose, or yellow - OR you can choose
the two tone option that makes your heart go pitter pat!Vintage inspired filigree in two tone wedding set.
14kt Yellow Gold Vintage Inspired Diamond Ring
Vintage Inspired Sapphire & Diamond Ring $838.00
Rose Gold Ring Set With Andalusite & Diamonds
White Gold Ring Set With Sapphire & Diamonds
White Gold Ring With Blue Topaz & Diamonds
Vintage Style Rose Gold Ring With Sapphire & Diamonds